Italian politicians tweet about #FamilyDay and #stopgender ignoring #civilpartnerships and #GayPride

[versione italiana] – Two opposite demonstrations about civil rights received an imbalanced coverage on Twitter by italian politicians: the conservative Family Day, together with the new political buzzword “gender ideology”, offuscate civil partnerships and Gay Pride.

These are the most used hashtags by Members of Parliament, institutions and political leaders between June 8th and 21st:


Wordcloud of Family day and Gay Pride hashtags

Translation of blue words (conservative): familyday (the event), june 20th (the date), let’s defend our children, gender, family, stopgender – Translation of orange words (liberal): civil partnerships, who knows is not scared, romapride, gay

The situation appears to be more balanced in the network of mentions and hashtags, where the node’s size depends on the number of people citing it:

Network of hashtags and mentions about the issue. Click on a hashtag to see the politicians who use it and on a politician to see the hashtags and the other politicians he cites

Some interesting highlights:

  • conservative hashtags’ higher frequency partly depends on the intense activity by right-wing politicians like Maurizio Gasparri and Lucio Malan
  • civil partnerships are almost exclusively cited by the two people who signed the law proposal: Monica Cirinnà e Sergio Lo Giudice. Silence from their party, the Pd
  • only the far left party Sinistra e Libertà talks significantly about the Gay Pride


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