#ParisAttacks: la viralità dell’attacco terroristico

People have been showing their solidarity with France and expressing their emotions after the attack using social media

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The French capital has been subjected to a terrorist attack leaving 129 dead and 352 injured after Kalashnikov shootings, grenade and suicide strikes. In the wake of the attack, there has been an outpouring of reaction across social media as people offer their support and show solidarity with France.

Viral symbols of support have spread on Twitter and Facebook

This peace symbol is circulating social media to honour Paris.

Jean Jullien drew this when he heard on the radio about the terrorist attacks in his native France. While everyone else tried to share their feelings with words, he drew this picture, which quickly spread on social media.

He told TIME: “In all this horror there’s something positive that people are coming together in a sense of unity and peace.”

People on Facebook have been putting a tricolour filter on their profile pictures to support Paris

The social media platform is awash with blue, white and red as people all over the world support Paris. You can change yours too – find a friend who has changed their profile picture, click the ‘try it’ button and set the filter.

  Photo: Helena Horton/Facebook

#PorteOuverte trended on Twitter as people offered their help

Parisians offered support to those trying to find refuge after the attacks.

Public transport shut down, so taxi drivers offered free rides to those affected who were trying to get home.

People also offered their homes to those who were stranded.

Facebook has set up a webpage for those looking to track friends and loved ones in Paris
People can check in safe and see if people they know are OK here.

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